[TOBE Gallery Budapest / November 24th 2017 — January 6th 2018]

The gallery presents its new venue together with its artists.

TOBE Gallery

[Alte Sigmund Freud Universität / September 19th – 24th / Room 808]

I show works from my series „from a distance“ together with TOBE Gallery at Parallel Vienna. The cycle consists of 9 works printed on acrylic glass.

Parallel Vienna

[September 2017]

Claudia Kraus‘ series „from a distance“ is an atmospheric expedition through inner and outer landscapes. The cycle evolved from dealing with the question of closeness and distance and the meaning of personal places of strength. The landscapes seem unreal, ephemeral and in disperse. Here, distance describes not only remoteness but also an inner state. A subtile examination of sensual perception, mysterious phenomena and ambivalent approaches.

Claudia Kraus‘ Serie „from a distance“ ist eine atmosphärische Expedition durch innere und äußere Landschaften. Die Werkreihe ist aus der Beschäftigung mit der Frage nach Nähe und Distanz sowie der Bedeutung persönlicher Kraftplätze entstanden. Die Landschaften sind beinahe unwirklich, flüchtig und in Auflösung begriffen. Distanz ist hier als räumliche Entfernung und innerer Zustand zu verstehen. Eine subtile Auseinandersetzung mit sinnlicher Wahrnehmung, Rätselhaftem und ambivalenter Betrachtungsweisen.

[May 2017]

A selection of my work is published in a collection curated by Adela Holmes from Shoot Off Competitions.


[February 24th – March 10th 2017]

My image „inhale|exhale“ is selected to be part of the 9TOPICS TRIAD curated portfolio and represents the topic #myworld.
The selection is shown at Arthill Gallery London.


[January 13th–14th, 2017]

Artworks from my series „ages:changes“ and „the secret life of plants“ are shown at a pop-up group-exhibition by TOBE Gallery at The Collective Art Miami. (photo by Tomas Opitz)

[November 25th – December 23rd 2016]

My image „never enough“ from the circle „shapes_and_lines_connections“ is part of the group exhibition at TOBE Gallery in Budapest. (photo by Tomas Opitz)

Parallel Vienna ©Parallel

[September 21–25, 2016]

I show my latest circle shapes_and_lines_connections in a group exhibition of TOBE Gallery at the Alte Post in Vienna. The works are combinations of drawings and black&white photography. 

Parallel Vienna

Interview with Mobiography Magazine
[August 2016]

Andy Butler interviewed me for the Mobiography Magazine, a Smartphone Photography Magazine for iPhoneography and Digital Art.

read the interview

[July 2016]

My images „white poem“ and „fragility“ got honorable mentions at the iPhone Photography Awards 2016, the world’s biggest mobile photography contest with entries from 139 countries. The images were chosen in the categories „trees“ and „flowers“.


Son of a Gun Magazine | Australia
[April 2016]

The Australian photography magazine „Son of a Gun“ interviewed me about my work and featured a sample of my images.

Read the interview on sonofagun.tv

„land escapes“ | Budapest
[Feburary 2016]

17 works are shown in my solo exhibition „land escapes“ at TOBE Gallery in Budapest from February 29th to April 2th. Find out more about this cycle of works.

Shoot Off Competitions | Berlin
[February 2016]

I am featured as artist of the month on Shoot Off Competitions , an online gallery of mobile photography art, curated by Adela Holmes.

„It feels like there is a surprise waiting at every destination of her journey which does not get revealed. Mystery is always lurking and the mood she creates allows the viewer to get lost in thought. Besides all this I am also very drawn to Claudia’s photography for the main reason that she treats the natural world with the same love and respect that it reflects.“ — A.H.

Pop-Up Exhibition at Ligne Roset | Budapest
[February 2016]

A selection of my works – including several images from the series „ages:changes“ – is on display in the Ligne Roset showroom in Budapest.

Memory Archive | Melbourne
[January 2016]

My image „flare“ is shown in the group exhibition #memory_archive“
in Melbourne, Australia.

Almost Black and White - Claudia Kraus - TOBE Gallery

Almost black and white | Budapest
[November 2015]

A group exhibition at TOBE Gallery features images of the series „land escapes“ (photo: Tomas Opitz)

Art Market | Budapest
[October 2015]

I am once again participating in the Anonymous Project at the Art Market Budapest. This year, Brody ArtYard shows my image „atmosfear“ from the series „land escapes“.

Album Cover - Claudia Kraus - Martin Klein

Album Cover
[September 2015]

My image „airbrush“ from the cycle „land escapes“ is the cover art of the new album of Austrian pianist, singer and songwriter Martin Klein. „Das Leben hat’s doch gut mit uns gemeint“ („Life has been kind to us after all“) is released by Traumton Records, Berlin.

9 Topics Girls Club - Claudia Kraus

9 Topics Girls Club | Fort Lauderdale
[September 2015]

This Instagram-based art project curated by Amalia Caputo and Marina Font from Florida showcases the works of mobile photography artists from all over the world. Several of my images are among the selected works on display at an exhibition in Fort Lauderdale, USA. (photo: 9 Topics Girls Club)

Secret Garden | Hárságyi Pince
[August 2015]

A group exhibition together with Amalia Pereira at the 8th Ördögkatlan Cultural Festival in Hárságyi Pince in the Hungarian wine region, curated by Bea Puskás and Tomas Opitz. The artworks are on display in a vintage wine cellar. (photo: Tomas Opitz)

BLU - Claudia Kraus - TOBE Gallery

BLU | Budapest
[June 2015]

Participating in a group exhibition at TOBE Gallery with Amalia Pereira, Carla Tabora, Gáspár Riskó, Ricardo Parra and Tomas Opitz. (photo: Tomas Opitz)

land escapes Claudia Kraus

„land escapes“ | Vienna
[March 2015]

My solo exhibition „land escapes“ opens in the Schaltwerk ArtSpace in Vienna.

Soul Flowers - Claudia Kraus - TOBE Gallery

Lélekvirágok „Soulflowers“ | Budapest
[February 2015]

A group exhibition at TOBE Gallery together with Amalia Pereira and Carla Tabora. Several works from my floral series „ages:changes“ are highlighted. (Photo: Tomas Opitz)

Art Market Budapest
[October 2014]

My image „timeless beauty“ is part of the Anonymous Project by Brody ArtYard at the Art Market Budapest.

[October 2014]

12 works from the cycle „ages:changes“ are on display together with artworks from Hungarian jewellery designer Flora Vági in a group exhibition at TOBE Gallery.

[June 2013]

The Feschmarkt is a popular art-fair, held twice a year in an old brewery in Vienna. Phoneography prints on alu dibond are on display in a fascinating shabby chic setting.

[March 2013]

Photo feature in the independent pop-culture magazine „Fiber“ on the subject of „body work“ .

menschenzwischenräume(n) | Vienna
[December 2012]

Works of my series „menschenzwischenräume(n)“ are shown in a group exhibition in the „Werkerei“ in Vienna.

Verdeckt Aufgebrochen Sichtbar - Claudia Kraus

Verdeckt. Aufgebrochen. Sichtbar.
[October 2012]

I present several drawings, paintings and phoneographies in a group exhibition in Vienna.

photo books

A series of self published art books featuring early phoneography work.