a limited series of 10 signed prints per image.

gyclée-prints on 315 g watercolour paper. paper size 21 x 29,7 cm / image 15 x 15 cm

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we are nature. we live our life. we grow. we evolve. our life is an astounding, unique journey. we develop our senses. our instincts drive us. we are on our way.

and on this way, we change. this is nature. this is unstoppable, this is the basic concept of life itself. we are told to fear change. to avoid it, since the certainty of change can be so bitter-tasting. we feel it when we look at old photographs of ourselves, we experience it when we are reminded of moments long gone, when memory slowly begins to fade. we see it every day when we look in the mirror. it is the way it is.

and still we create a world around us that constantly reminds us of the impermanence of our ideals. the perfectly shaped, the freshest, the healthiest, the spotless, the strong, the smooth. we neglect, even fight nature’s way of change and avoid its signs wherever we can.

let us look at images of the aged. look into faces that tell stories. knowing smiles, wrinkles like marks in the bark of a grown tree. traces of blooming days. and we are touched. because if we look without preoccupation, we see life like a book that is written inside the soul. let us look beyond the fresh, the ideal, the perfect, the clean. we see structures that held and still hold us together. looking deeper, beyond the shallow shine, we discover everything that makes us special beautiful living beings. beautiful from within.

“age is change. and every moment along the way is one-of-a-kind, and not only the first steps in bright light are beautiful.”