A dialogue of black&white photography and drawings.
Gycleé prints on natural textured paper, 300 g
combined with graphical work or monotype on different media.

In her new cycle shapes_and_lines_connections, Claudia Kraus explores the meaning of „connections“ on many different levels: Fine lines are connected to abstract structures and shapes. The photography finds its equivalent in her graphic works and together they form a visual dialogue.

The images – phoneographies – show forms and materials of nature: grass, branches, stones, sand and bones. Shot in high-contrast black and white unlike her earlier circles like „land escapes“ or „ages:changes“ where a lot of the artistic process evolved in post production and image editing. This time, structure takes center stage.

Claudia Kraus creates her graphic works in an intuitive, meditative process: „The lines interweave and form shapes and spaces. The denser an image, the calmer my mind becomes, which seems like an interesting paradox to me.“